About This Site

Visiontree Medium is a platform for a conglomeration of communication outlets. These outlets include various social media platforms, including, but not limited to blogs and vlogs.

This site will play host to a sundry list of local, national and world issues we are passionate about. On the serious side, we want to articulate our thoughts in a thoughtful, unorthodox, and critical-thinking kind of way. Similarly, our readers can expect to enjoy expressions about things satirical, sarcastic, and witty; and, in some cases, stuff people do and say that’s simply moronic.

Notwithstanding the social, political religious issues and topics of the day, we will explore who and why we are what we are.  My writing style is that of a conversationalist.  I tend to write as though I am having a quite conversation with the person sitting next to me, or across the table from me.  I hate yelling and screaming,  as I believe that we can best appreciated if we slow down and have a conversation.  I am far more pragmatic than most people and while facts should be the engine that drives debates, I will not use this site as a poster board for statistical analysis.

While we don’t often, or easily, alter our world views based on what others think or believe, we do believe we can be motivated, encouraged and even inspired by open, honest, respectful and thoughtful dialogue.

It’s often said that we’re a culmination of our life’s experiences. Everyone has an opinion about anything and everything, and we are no different. As the old saying holds, “opinions are like assholes, everybody has one.” The fact of matter is, rarely do we change anyone’s world view with our written or spoken word, but more often than not through their empirical life experiences.

smallAlong the way, I will attempt to tell the story of my life. Everyone has a story and it should be told. I won’t tell my story in the traditional sense (i.e., in a chronologically ascending or descending order), but I will attempt to tell it using a  conglomeration of  narrativesparables, anecdotesannals and parodies , by randomly linking selected life events, experiences to  anecdotes, and short stories.

To make sense of it all, we will use interconnecting links at various points to help the reader stay connected to each event and allow them to move easily forward and backward with each story by using a hyperlink called More on This Story Later (MOSL). This link attached to each story will connect to a related blog, Vlog or story.

Let us hear from you and tell us what you think.

Everybody’s life is a story – what’s yours?

Again, welcome to Visiontree Blogs and Visiontree Medium.